Rollover Car Accidents By Greg Burton on September 13, 2018

A vehicle rollover accidentA rollover auto accident can lead to catastrophic and even fatal injuries. During a rollover, a vehicle turns onto its side. In some rollover accidents, a vehicle may continue to turn over, potentially onto its roof. The vehicle damage and injuries sustained in serious car accidents such as these can be devastating.

Attorneys G.R. (Randy) Akin and Greg Burton would like to take a moment to consider some facts about vehicle rollover crashes. If you or someone in your family has been a victim in a rollover auto accident, our Longview, TX law firm is here to help.

Tripped and Untripped Rollover Accidents

Rollover car accidents can be classified as tripped or untripped.

  • Tripped Rollover Accident - These kinds of rollovers happen when a vehicle’s weight is shifted due to road surfaces. A car could tip over as its wheels dig into soft soil, or as wheels on a vehicle ride up on a guard rail or raised curb, or if the side of a vehicle travels down a steep slope. An estimated 95 percent of all singe-vehicle rollovers are tripped.
  • Untripped Rollover Accident - These kinds of rollovers are much rarer and usually only occur in vehicles with a high center of gravity. If a top-heavy vehicle suddenly swerves, the shift in weight can cause it to tip over. The likelihood of this happening is higher at greater speeds.

Certain Vehicles More Likely to Roll Over

As we noted above, vehicles with a high center of gravity are more likely to rollover. If you drive one of these top-heavy vehicles, be extra careful when you are behind the wheel:

  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Pickup trucks

Statistics on Rollover Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicles only roll over in about 1 percent of crashes, yet rollover accidents account for roughly one-third of all fatalities in collisions. In 2016, 7,488 vehicle occupants were killed in rollover accidents.

Regarding the dangers of certain vehicles and rollovers, 47 percent of SUV occupants who died in crashes were killed in rollover crashes; 43 percent of fatalities in pickup trucks were the result of rollovers. By comparison, just 22 percent of other passenger car fatalities were due to rollovers.

Injuries from Rollover Accidents

The injuries sustained in a rollover accident can be severe. In addition to the usual lacerations, contusions, and broken bones common in all car accidents, there is a higher risk of head injuries as well given the motion of the vehicle as its turns over. If the vehicle winds up on its roof, there is a serious risk of severe head trauma and neck injuries, especially if the roof of the vehicle caves in and crushes occupants within.

Who Is Liable in a Rollover Accident?

The liable party in a rollover crash can vary. It may be the result of a negligent motorist who causes you to swerve and roll over. The manufacturer or designer of your vehicle might also be liable if the rollover risk was high. Our team of lawyers can go over your case and determine who you should seek legal damages from following your crash.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal rights and options after a rollover accident, be sure to contact our team of experienced personal injury attorneys. We are here you help. You can reach our law offices by phone at (903) 297-8929.

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