Car Accident Passenger Lawsuits Can Help Recover Damages By Greg Burton on May 29, 2021

blurry cars in a dark tunnelWhen considering car accidents it’s normal to focus on the drivers, but passengers often suffer injuries as well. It is important that injured passengers understand that they are entitled to recovering damages for their injuries. Car accident attorneys Randy Akin and Greg Burton can help passengers secure compensation for their injuries. 

Car accident passenger lawsuits can help injured Longview, TX, passengers recover full compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, and other damages.            

Can Passengers Sue for Damages?

Yes, passengers can sue for damages when they are injured in a car accident in Longview. Passengers often have more options than the driver of a vehicle when it comes to recovering compensation. 

This is because passengers are generally able to file a lawsuit against drivers who are at fault, including the driver of the vehicle they were in. In addition, passengers can sue both drivers if both drivers were deemed to share fault for the accident. 

Determining Liability

In a car accident passenger lawsuit, passengers must be able to prove liability or that someone else was at fault. When only one car was involved in the accident, for example hitting a stationary object, the driver would be liable. 

If two cars are involved, one or both drivers could be held liable depending on the circumstances around the accident. For instance, if the accident was caused by one driver disobeying traffic laws, that driver would be solely liable. If both drivers made errors or were negligent, liability would be shared and both drivers could be sued for damages. 

Passengers sometimes wonder if they can be held liable for an accident. It’s very rare for a passenger to have any liability in an accident. Even if they were talking to the driver, it is the driver’s responsibility to pay attention to the road. 

Establishing Damages Occurred

Another important element in filing a car accident passenger lawsuit is showing the courts that damages were sustained. Medical bills and loss of income through lost time at work are strong forms of evidence. Injured parties may also provide documentation for other damages, such as pain and suffering related to their injuries. 

Why File a Lawsuit?

Insurance companies have limits as to how much they will pay for an accident. The amount an injured passenger is paid can be further limited if other passengers were also injured in the accident.

If an injured party’s damages exceed the amount an insurance company is willing to pay, filing a lawsuit against the liable parties can help make up for excess costs. 

Additionally, insurance companies don’t always agree how much each driver is at fault and may only pay the amount they deem fit. This can leave passengers without getting the full compensation they deserve for their injuries. Filing a lawsuit can help injured passengers recover full damages for their injuries. 

Discuss Your Options

If you suffered injuries as a passenger in a car accident, you may not be getting the compensation you are due. To learn more about your options to recover damages for your injuries, please call (903) 297-8929 to schedule a consultation with our Longview attorneys. 

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