Causes of Truck Accidents: Blind Spots By Greg Burton on May 18, 2022

blind spot of a commercial truckCommercial truck accidents are often devastating. Because of their extreme size and weight, it is not unusual for truck crashes to result in catastrophic damages, including fatalities. It is important for drivers to be aware of the most common causes of these collisions, so they can do their part to reduce the risk of an accident.

Blind spots are a common cause of truck accidents. Commercial trucks have large blind spots, and if a vehicle is traveling in one of these areas they could be easily missed by a truck driver. Here, truck accident lawyer Randy Akin, of Longview, TX, goes over the locations of a truck’s blind spots, how they can cause a crash, and who is at fault for these accidents.

Where Are a Truck’s Blind Spots?

All vehicles have blind spots, or areas that cannot be seen by a driver who is checking their rearview or side mirrors. On most passenger vehicles, blind spots are located in the 45 degree angle behind the driver, or the area directly over the driver’s left shoulder. Commercial trucks have more blind spots than passenger vehicles, and those blind spots are much larger. Commercial truck blind spots are typically located:

  • Directly in front of the cab of the truck (depending on the truck’s design this blind spot could extend 20 feet in front of the truck)
  • Down the length of the left and right sides of the truck (these blind spots could extend as wide as three lanes of traffic)
  • Directly behind the trailer of the truck (this blind spot usually includes the 30 feet behind the truck)

Causes of Blind Spot Accidents

Blind spot truck accidents can be caused by a number of different factors, many of which are related to driver error, but not all. Some of the most common causes of blind spot truck accidents include:

  • Tailgating, or following another vehicle too closely (this includes a truck following another vehicle too closely, or a vehicle riding too close to a commercial truck’s trailer)
  • Making unsafe lane changes or failing to signal before switching lanes
  • A truck driver’s failure to check blind spots before turning or changing lanes
  • Traveling for extended periods of time within a truck’s blind spots

Who Is At-fault for a Blind Spot Accident?

Liability for a commercial truck accident is dependent on what actually caused the crash to occur. If a driver is driving aggressively or makes unsafe maneuvers that lead to a blind spot truck accident, they may be held liable for the crash. However, fault for these types of accidents is often assigned to the truck driver, since they are responsible for knowing their vehicle’s blind spots and checking them before proceeding with a lane change or turn. Attorney Randy Akin can work with Longview drivers to determine who should be held liable for accident damages following a blind spot crash.

Reducing the Risk of a Blind Spot Accident

Although commercial truck drivers are often responsible for blind spot accidents, there are steps that Longview drivers can take to minimize the risk of this type of crash.

  • Avoid traveling in a truck’s blind spots for extended periods of time
  • Refrain from following a truck too closely
  • When moving into the lane in front of a truck, leave plenty of room
  • Avoid passing on the right hand side of a commercial truck

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