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Driving is a significant part of everyday life for millions of Texans. Focusing on getting to the next destination as fast as possible can make it easy to forget to watch for pedestrians.

When driver negligence results in pedestrian accidents, the effects are often devastating and life-altering. Victims deserve restitution.

Pedestrian accident lawyers Randy Akin and Greg Burton in Longview, TX, can help injured pedestrians and their families achieve the justice they deserve. Request your free consultation today:

You Have Two Years to File a Personal Injury Claim Reach Out to a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Today

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The aftermath of a pedestrian injury is typically overwhelming. The victim and their family are dealing with medical care and related expenses, time away from work, and the general anguish of having suffered a serious injury due to someone else's careless actions. Navigating these obstacles can make it all too easy to delay speaking with an attorney. But you must remember that building a case only becomes more difficult as time passes and evidence becomes more challenging to gather. You owe it to yourself to make time right now to speak to an attorney about your pedestrian accident before you miss your opportunity to collect.

Only Discuss the Case With Your Lawyer

If an insurance company representing the other party reaches out to you, don't accept a settlement offer, and don't answer questions about the pedestrian accident. Initial offers are often far less than the case is worth, and the adjuster may be trying to collect statements that could hurt your case. Instead, tell them they can speak to your pedestrian accident attorney.  

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"Greg has been an awesome attorney. Even after my case was settled, he has help get rid of debt collectors that have called & sent mail for a company that got paid when my case was settled. I highly recommend Greg. He is super nice & will take care of all the work for you." Lauralee M., 5-Star Google Review

When Drivers Must Yield to Pedestrians

A key factor in many pedestrian accident cases is whether the pedestrian had the right of way. In other words, did the driver fail to yield to you when they were legally obligated to do so? There are three specific scenarios in which pedestrians have the right of way in Texas:

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When Pedestrians Are Crossing in a Crosswalk

When a pedestrian has entered a crosswalk, drivers must yield to them, even if the driver can lawfully make a right turn. Cars must stop for pedestrians at unsignalized intersections regardless of whether there are stop signs or a marked crosswalk.

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When Crossing Driveways and Alleys

When pulling out of or into a driveway, or entering or exiting an alleyway, drivers must yield to pedestrians.

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When Another Driver Has Stopped for a Pedestrian

If a car has stopped for a pedestrian crossing the street, other drivers are not permitted to pass the stopped car. The state advises that when drivers see another car stopped at a crosswalk, they should approach with caution to make sure they can see any pedestrians who may be using the crosswalk and avoid causing a pedestrian accident.

During your consultation with our Longview attorneys, they can review the facts of your pedestrian accident to determine if the driver was acting negligently, and if you have grounds for a lawsuit. We are willing to meet you at your home, in the hospital, or any location that is convenient for you. In the meantime, if the other party's insurance company reaches out to you, don't accept any offers or answer any questions. Simply tell them to speak to your lawyer.

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When Drunk Driving Is a Factor Our Attorneys Are Here to Help Victims

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Driving under the influence is a crime, and the punishment is enhanced when it results in an auto accident causing injury to others. For this reason, the driver will be involved in a criminal trial, but that doesn't mean the injured party can't file a concurrent personal injury lawsuit.

While the criminal trial will determine the punishments the responsible driver might face, such as jail time and fines, a civil suit will determine if they owe you compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses. Mr. Akin and Mr. Burton are prepared to help you collect the compensation you are rightfully owed regardless of whether the driver is facing related criminal charges.

Randy Akin Represents the Bereaved When Pedestrian Accidents Prove Fatal

If you have lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, you have our sincere condolences. Although no amount of financial compensation can replace a loved one, we believe you deserve maximum restitution to help you and your family cope with your loss. Meanwhile, filing a wrongful death suit can help to draw attention to the grave dangers negligent drivers can pose to pedestrians, which could help prevent similar tragedies in the future. 

Like other personal injury cases, you have two years in which to file a wrongful death lawsuit. We invite you to reach out to our law firm for a free case evaluation. With the help of our Longview law firm, your family can claim the resources you need to rebuild your life in the wake of an irreplaceable loss.

Types of Compensation Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Can Help You Collect

If our Longview attorneys take your case, they will aim to collect maximum compensation for all losses related to your pedestrian accident, including:

Medical Bills

Medical bills can add up to astronomical totals when auto accidents cause serious injuries to pedestrians. Our attorneys can help collect compensation for treatment you have already received, as well as the care you will need in the future, even if you require lifelong care.

Pain and Suffering

Psychological trauma is an intangible hardship recognized by the courts. Our personal injury attorneys will take the emotional pain this accident has caused into consideration and pursue compensation for counseling and other care to help you overcome it.

Time Away From Work

Many pedestrian injuries result in victims being temporarily or permanently unable to work. Our personal injury lawyers will calculate the amount of wages you have lost and will likely continue to lose as you recover from your accident, and pursue that amount in restitution.

Punitive Damages

If the responsible party's negligence was especially egregious (for example, if they were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs), the court can elect to award the injured party punitive damages as a means of punishing the defendant. It is much more difficult to collect punitive damages than compensatory damages, but our Longview attorneys will not hesitate to pursue them if they feel they are justified.

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