Oil Field Injury Lawyer

Oil field workers throughout Texas face serious hazards every day on the job, from dangerous equipment to exposure to toxic compounds.

The oil field injury lawyers at G.R. Akin, P.C. in Longview, TX, advocate for workers who have suffered a personal injury on the job.

If you or a loved one were injured while working in an oil field, the attorneys at our law firm can stand up for your rights.

Our Injury Lawyers Receive the Highest Ratings

In 2024, the prestigious legal evaluator Martindale-Hubbell® awarded our law firm its highest peer rating, AV-Preeminent, indicating that other attorneys believe us to possess the highest levels of ethics, knowledge, and skill.

Why Hire an Oil Field Accident Lawyer?

An oil field accident can lead to serious injuries that affect nearly every aspect of your daily life. In the case of a brain injury or wrongful death, the impact on an injured oil field worker's family can be catastrophic. The attorneys at G.R. Akin, P.C., in Longview, Texas, represent workers who have sustained oil field injuries so that you and your family can:

Protect Your Future

Depending on the severity of the injury suffered in an oil field accident, it may be difficult to provide for your household. Our Longview oil field accident lawyers can build a case to recover damages, including current and future lost wages, so that you can rest assured knowing your family will be taken care of if you can't return to work.

Focus on Recovery

An injury sustained in an oil field accident can result in a long recovery. When you hire an oil field injury attorney from G.R. Akin, P.C., we will take care of everything. We will manage your medical bills, organize with workers' comp, and deal with the insurance companies so that you can focus all of your energy on recovering from your injury.

Achieve Justice

Being involved in an accident while working in an oil field can change your life in an instant. Our personal injury attorneys are committed to achieving justice for clients injured in oil field accidents. We will work diligently to build a case that is ready for trial in order to secure the just compensation and justice you and your family deserve.

Common Oil Field Injuries

Worker climbing a ladder

Working in a Texas oil field is difficult and dangerous. Even when all precautions are being met, an accident can result in a serious injury or wrongful death. Workers can easily become exposed to toxic compounds or be injured by defective or dangerous equipment. While it is the responsibility of the oil field owner to maintain a safe working environment, sometimes safety protocols are not met and accidents occur. Common oil field injuries sustained by our clients include: 

  • Unsecured rigs
  • Defective equipment
  • Weather-related accidents 
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Vehicle-related incidents
  • Falls
  • Flammable materials
  • Electrocution
  • Safety violations

Texas' Oil Field Death Statistics

Texas suffers almost five times as many oil field industry deaths as any other state. The two most common causes of oil field fatalities are being hit by objects and vehicle crashes. Our Longview attorneys know how to thoroughly investigate incidents and obtain maximum compensation.

Let Us Help You With Your Injury Claim Why Oil Field Workers Choose Our Longview Lawyers

Our injury attorneys have helped oil field workers throughout East Texas. Often, clients who found success with us refer their friends and family to G.R. Akin, P.C. When folks visit our office, they feel like they are explaining their problem at a neighbor's house, not a flashy and stuffy law firm. We are also willing to meet injured oil field workers where they are if they are suffering too much pain to come to us. 

Our attorneys, Randy Akin and Greg Burton, have earned renown as trial lawyers and for succeeding in complex cases. While they show no fear of taking a case to court, they are not overly aggressive and strive to maintain peace between all involved parties. To talk to attorneys who have achieved recognition for both their legal work and compassion towards clients, reach out for a consultation now

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Longview Appreciates Our Lawyers

"They are very nice and honest people.. if they can help you they will take the case.." Saleh Mobin, 2023 5-Star Google Review

Why Choose the Law Firm of G.R. Akin, P.C.?

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury while working in a Texas oil field, hiring an attorney from our Longview law firm can make a major difference in the outcome of your claim. Reasons to choose an oil field injury lawyer from G.R. Akin, P.C., include:

Free Case Review

We offer free consultations for all personal injury cases so that our attorneys can discuss the details surrounding your injury. This allows our team to determine if a lawsuit is your best course of action and gives us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding your case.

Over 40 Years in Practice

Randy Akin has practiced law since 1981 and is licensed to practice in both State and Federal Courts. Board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Mr. Akin was also recently named one of the Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in Texas.


To help our clients get the legal counsel they need to achieve justice without having to worry about upfront costs, our law firm works on a contingency basis. This means we only get paid when we successfully reach a settlement for your injury case. If we don't win, you don't pay.

Injury Lawyers Longview Relies On

"Greg has been an awesome attorney. Even after my case was settled, he has help get rid of debt collectors that have called & sent mail for a company that got paid when my case was settled. I highly recommend Greg. He is super nice & will take care of all the work for you." Lauralee M.

What to Do if You Have Sustained an Oil Field Injury

Our lawyers are here to handle your injury claim. At the same time, there are actions you can take to proactively help your case.

Protect Your Evidence

Man holding Phone

Hard proof of negligence can be the best tool for us to build your case. If you have any evidence of negligence, such as photographs or videos, it is important to safeguard it. In this digital day and age, many clients keep everything on phones or computers. It is important to back up and make copies of evidence in case a device accidentally breaks or is lost. 

Go to Doctor's Appointments

Guy visiting doctor

You may not feel the full effects of an oil field injury right away. Even if it does not feel physically necessary at the moment, you should see your doctor soon and often following an accident. Your doctor can protect your health by properly diagnosing and treating you. In addition, the medical records from your visits can help us prove your injuries.

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Statute of limitations laws set deadlines for when a lawsuit must be filed by. Time limits vary depending on the type of case. For personal injury claims in Texas, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury for you to file a lawsuit. If you are tragically dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one, the statute of limitations is also two years from the date of death.

It May Be Possible
To Sue Other Contractors

Our Longview lawyers explore every avenue possible when pursuing compensation for our clients. In addition to suing your employer or the oil field property owner, we may be able to sue other contractors if they caused your injury. 

For example, if you harmed by a toxic exposure caused by an on-site contractor, they may be personally liable in your case. An example of a lawsuit where a contractor would be liable is described below. 

You and your crew were working in a room. Before concluding your work and exiting, a separate crew floods the room with carbon dioxide. Despite this flooding being part of their scheduled work, they are liable for their negligence because they did not ensure the room was clear before filling it with gas. 

Men working on oil pipes

Long-Term Exposure Can Result  In a Winning Lawsuit

When people think of oilfield injuries, they often envision dramatic incidents like explosions and vehicle crashes. While these certainly do occur, they are not the only accidents that can be the basis for a winning oil field injury lawsuit. 

Our Longview lawyers are adept at examining the harms caused by long-term exposure to toxic substances. When it comes to oil fields, one such chemical we often assess is H2S – hydrogen sulfide. 

When H2S exposure occurs in small doses, it will not typically cause long-term harm. However, an oil field worker can develop significant respiratory problems if they are exposed to H2S over too long a period. Our law firm can evaluate whether or not such an exposure occurred and prove that the exposure caused quantifiable harm that should result in compensation.

We Are Trial-Ready

The idea of standing up to a multinational oil corporation can be intimidating. Not for us. The attorneys at our law firm have combined to handle more than 150 trials. If we can't obtain a more than satisfactory settlement, we will fearlessly prepare for a jury trial.

Randy Akin and Greg Burton

G.R. Akin, P.C.

Randy Akin and Greg Burton have more than 50 years of combined experience. They are affiliated with several professional associations, including:

  • Texas Bar Foundation
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Gregg County Bar Association

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