Car Accidents and Ridesharing Services By Greg Burton on September 12, 2022

Passenger in a ridesharing vehicleRide sharing services have grown in popularity in recent years. They offer a cheaper alternative to taxis, and are often preferred due to the convenience of ordering a ride through a phone app. Ride sharing services offer many benefits, but as with any other form of transportation, accidents can occur.

Many people are confused about their rights if they are involved in a car accident involving a ride sharing service. The car accident lawyers from G.R. Akin, P.C., help drivers from the Longview, TX, area understand liability regarding ride sharing service accidents so they can pursue appropriate compensation for accident damages.

Liability for Ride Sharing Service Car Accidents

Various states have passed laws regarding how they classify drivers for ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. In Texas, ride sharing service drivers are considered independent contractors, which means that they technically work for themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that a ride sharing company cannot be held liable if one of their drivers causes a car accident.

Ride sharing service companies carry $1 million in insurance coverage in the event that a ride sharing accident occurs. Whether a person can pursue compensation from a ride sharing insurance policy depends on the details of the accident. As with any other type of car crash, liability depends on who or what caused the crash to occur.

Injured in an Accident Caused by a Ride Sharing Service Driver?

If someone is in another vehicle and is injured in a car accident that is caused by a ride sharing driver, they have the right to hold the driver liable for resulting accident damages. Whether they must pursue compensation through the driver’s personal car insurance or through the ride sharing service’s insurance depends on if the driver was logged onto the ride sharing service app at the time of the crash. 

When a driver is logged on to their ride sharing service app and either carrying a passenger or on their way to pick up a passenger, the ride sharing insurance policy should act as a supplement to the driver’s personal insurance coverage. If the driver was off-duty when they caused an accident, their personal insurance coverage is responsible for covering accident losses.

Injured While a Passenger in a Ride Sharing Service Vehicle?

Longview passengers who have requested a ride through a ride sharing service app should be covered by the ride sharing insurance policy in the event that the driver causes a crash. If another driver causes a car accident, the ride sharing insurance policy will not cover damages. Instead, injured passengers will need to pursue compensation from the liable driver’s insurance company.

What if I’m Driving a Ride Sharing Service Vehicle and Someone Else Causes an Accident?

Once a ride sharing service driver activates their app or logs on as a driver, their personal insurance policy is generally no longer in effect. So if someone is driving for a ride sharing service and is injured in an accident caused by another driver, they will need to go after that driver for accident damages. If the liable driver is uninsured or does not have enough coverage to account for all accident damages, the ride sharing insurance policy may cover accident losses for their driver.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

We strongly recommend that anyone who is injured in a car accident involving a ride sharing service vehicle contact a knowledgeable car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Any car accident case can be complex, but these ones tend to be especially complicated. Even if a ride sharing service accepts liability for a car accident, they are likely to push for a quick settlement that doesn't account for the full extent of accident damages. Our Longview lawyers are prepared to fight on our client's behalf to get the maximum compensation they are due.

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