Causes of Motorcycle Accidents: Dangers on the Road By Greg Burton on July 23, 2018

A motorcyclist on a winding roadAccording to numbers from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), 88,000 motorcyclists were injuries in accidents in 2015. Auto collisions during 2015 resulted in the deaths of 4,976 motorcyclists. In Texas alone, there were 443 motorcyclist fatalities.

Victims of motorcycle accidents in the Longview, TX area can turn to our law firm for legal counsel and guidance. Let’s take a moment to consider some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.


The NHTSA estimates that speeding played a role in one-third of all fatal motorcycle accidents. Excessive speed makes the loss of vehicle control more likely, and it also makes collisions with other vehicles more of a hazard. This is why it’s so important to abide by all posted speed limit signs and to note the normal flow of traffic on the road. Keep up, and avoid speeding up.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting refers to motorcyclists riding along the line between lanes. This can occur while vehicles are in motion or during heavy traffic. The line between lanes is no place for a vehicle to be, and makes side collisions and other kinds of crashes more likely. This is why lane splitting is not legal in the state of Texas.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving covers a wide variety of dangerous behaviors while on the road. In addition to speeding and lane splitting, this could involve cutting off other vehicles, weaving in traffic, and tailgating other motorists. If you do not follow the rules of the road, collisions are much more likely. Drive safely, and share the road with others to help prevent crashes.

Motorcyclist Inexperience

While the majority of motorcycle accident fatalities are among motorcyclists 40 years old and older, there is something to be said about the dangers of inexperience. Young motorcyclists may take more risks on the road, and may not know what to do in dangerous situations to avoid crashes. This is why it’s important for new motorcyclists to be conservative while operating their vehicle.

Vehicle Defects and Auto Part Failure

When a motorcycle is unsafe, the dangers to a motorcyclist can be extreme. Poor vehicle design could make maneuvering the vehicle difficult. If the tires fail, the brakes don’t work properly, or other systems on the bike malfunction, an otherwise safe ride could be hazardous. In these cases, the automaker or part manufacturer could be held liable for the accident in a product liability lawsuit.

Failure for Motorists to Check Blind Spots

It’s easy for a motorcycle to get lost in the blind spot of another vehicle. When the driver of a car or truck does not check their blind spot, this could lead to sideswipe collisions and other kinds of crashes. While the onus is on other motorists to be attentive, motorcyclists should do their best to avoid traveling in a vehicle’s blind spot for an extended amount of time.

Drunk Driving and Drug Use

The NHTSA found that 27 percent of motorcyclists who died in crashes had a BAC over the legal limit; an additional 7 percent of motorcyclists killed in collisions had some measurable amount of alcohol in their system. Never operate your vehicle when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is never acceptable.

Poor Road Conditions

Debris in the road, pot holes, and malfunctioning traffic signals can all make accidents more likely. While some road problems cannot be avoided, it’s important for any motorist to drive carefully and cautiously when they are not familiar with the roadways they are on.

Poor Weather Conditions

Rain, snow, high winds, and other bad weather can make a simple drive deadly. Before embarking on any sort of motorcycle ride, be sure to check the weather and plan accordingly. Simply monitoring the forecast could means the difference between a crash and a safe drive.

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